Friday, 27 July 2012

on the rebound . . .:)

The Chinese Architect and me are still on good terms but I no longer do any continuous work for him. He might be good to do odd jobs for but his office is not very busy. He still has my Sketches of Frank Gehry DVD.

Anyway, I am currently working for a pool and landscaping company. It's pretty interesting work. Drawing cabanas. We do a lot of them and have many clients. Some projects are 2 years in the making. Good people and a lunch room full of food. Yum.

Looked into the Broadly Experienced Architect program (BEA) at NCARB. This may be an option if I don't get into a Masters program. However, that would mean I would have to move down to the States. Hmmm. I lived and worked there before. In Houston and in Raleigh-Durham. However, I would like to live and work in either New York or California which happen to be 2 places that I can do the BEA, I believe. Not all states honour the program.

Still working on the cottage project. The client shelved it when the design had trouble fitting on the proposed site with all the zoning restrictions. Should have researched this beforehand. I got paid half my fee and I offered to do the working drawings for free should he need them in the future. He is considering purchasing a 3rd property (he already has 2) and living in the cottage residence. I have more time to do the Ontario Building Code references.

Composed a new song for the keyboards.

May have additional work of doing drawings for a former Dalhousie University classmate of mine. Not sure if I can handle this as well. However, I'd like to try. Haha.

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  1. One of my friends from New York is doing her Masters in Architecture at RISD. I wish her well and will be praying for her success...AL