Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Victory

I got accepted into Tyndale Seminary and University's Master of Divinity program. I have yet to declare a major. Hallellujah!

On another bright side, the Montreal female architect decided to have me help her out with doing shipping container drawings. I guess she changed her mind.

As far as the church plant project goes, I decided to bite the bullet and do the measurements of the commercial building basement space for them. I am going to do a Revit BIM model of the existing space and maybe when the interior designer has something, I can add her design to the model.

The ESL Bible study pastor and I went to the Land Registry office in downtown Toronto in order to hunt for a reference plan/survey of his home. He wanted a sample so that he knew what to get for prospective properties/sites for locating the Christian cafe. I really want a survey before I begin any design work on the project but I might have to do some marketing materials for fund-raising.

I missed the 2nd Revit exam for the Intermediate course due to a dental emergency. It is still being resolved but I no longer experience any pain.

I really hope that I qualify for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) for Fall when I study at Tyndale.

I am also applying to architectural firms right now.

God bless,


Monday, 4 March 2013

Marking Time

I lost my job.

I have not been working for the past 8 months. Just trying to reassess myself and where my career is headed. I have attended numerous interviews and job application reviews but nothing has materialized. A little frustrated.

I have decided to change my tack. I prayed one night in my apartment and felt God's leading for me to study in seminary/Bible college. I have concentrated my efforts to that end. In the Fall, I plan to study a Masters in Divinity for the time being with a Masters in Architecture potentially after that. Beyond that, I don't know. It's all God's Will.

The female architect friend in Montreal said that she doesn't have a position for me. She is just looking for draftsmen at present, not designers, and can't pay right away until the sale of the container residence prefab building comes through or there are investors. It seems risky.

A church plant project fell through for me. There is a rival designer that nabbed the project. She had closer (familial) ties to the decision maker.

On the plus side, I have a Christian cafe design project currently in the works for a young pastor who teaches English as a Second Language Bible study. I didn't accept any payment for it because I wanted to be given as much latitude as possible. My Christian friend says that I should insist on being paid but I don't know. This is God's work and there are more important things than getting rich off it.

I also have been taking Revit courses at a local Toronto community college. Doing OK in them. The instructor is a nice guy; funny and knowledgeable.

Well, pray for me. I have to discern God's will for my life and right now funds are extremely tight.

God bless you all.