Friday, 1 November 2013

Going on Retreat for Spiritual Formation

I just went on retreat for my spiritual formation course at the Catholic Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre in Mississauga.

It was a good 3 days. The most memorable moment is when one of the professors shared something very personal to the group of us students. It made me realize that the professors are human too and I felt closer to them. It encourages me to open up to them more and be frank and honest to them about my limitations.

The Credit River was fast-flowing yesterday. And I stared at the water so long, that when I looked up at the opposite shore, it seemed like the land was moving in the opposite direction to the water flow.

I am not sure what this meant spiritually. Perhaps, water- being associated with the Holy Spirit like the waters of Baptism- is an element that is supple yet powerful. It can carve into the landscape and erode rocks. It is essential to supporting life.

Water was also the symbol of tai chi- which I studied for a time. We were always trying to be like water. Maybe for my Christian walk, the same holds true. Be soft and gentle yet strong. Let me support and pursue life-giving activities. May my words speak life and gentleness to those that spiritually thirst. How do I do this? By giving them the words of Jesus who said that he was "living water."

By always pointing the way to Jesus Christ.

I also sketched 2 drawings. One which I would like to call "the Ripples of the Cross". The other was an interior sketch of the chapel space. I played the electronic piano in the chapel there as well.