Thursday, 14 May 2015

Cross-Circle-Field Drawing

This pencil sketch entitled Cross Circle Field was drawn by me in December of last year. I want to dedicate myself to producing Christian art. There can be no more iconic symbol of Christianity than the Cross. Please enjoy viewing the artwork. God bless. AL.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

New Portfolio Site on Folio HD

Sorry for the long period of silence. Going through a transition period.

Please refer to the following for a portfolio site:

God bless you.


Friday, 1 November 2013

Going on Retreat for Spiritual Formation

I just went on retreat for my spiritual formation course at the Catholic Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre in Mississauga.

It was a good 3 days. The most memorable moment is when one of the professors shared something very personal to the group of us students. It made me realize that the professors are human too and I felt closer to them. It encourages me to open up to them more and be frank and honest to them about my limitations.

The Credit River was fast-flowing yesterday. And I stared at the water so long, that when I looked up at the opposite shore, it seemed like the land was moving in the opposite direction to the water flow.

I am not sure what this meant spiritually. Perhaps, water- being associated with the Holy Spirit like the waters of Baptism- is an element that is supple yet powerful. It can carve into the landscape and erode rocks. It is essential to supporting life.

Water was also the symbol of tai chi- which I studied for a time. We were always trying to be like water. Maybe for my Christian walk, the same holds true. Be soft and gentle yet strong. Let me support and pursue life-giving activities. May my words speak life and gentleness to those that spiritually thirst. How do I do this? By giving them the words of Jesus who said that he was "living water."

By always pointing the way to Jesus Christ.

I also sketched 2 drawings. One which I would like to call "the Ripples of the Cross". The other was an interior sketch of the chapel space. I played the electronic piano in the chapel there as well.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Humility . . .a lesson.

I have recently learned a lesson about humility . . .

I had worked pretty hard on an assignment for one of my courses in seminary for 1 week straight, staying late at the library every night.

The previous Saturday, I crashed; slept for 12 hours straight during the day after my evening sleep time.

On Sunday, I dragged myself through the motions of going to church and crashed on the couch of my fiance's for a while in the late afternoon, early evening.

Slept for the better part of Monday after cancelling my meeting with my Spiritual Director and then managed to rouse myself from my slumber to finish reading 3 books/periodicals for my assignment due later that night at midnight. Got it posted at 10:30 pm and I thought . . . surely this is an A+ assignment. But . . .

I got a B+ instead.

To be honest, I was disappointed but I realized there was a lesson in this. I had gotten used to high grades at Humber for the Revit course. And even though I did work, I had not worked nearly as intensely as I had for this assignment at seminary.

I guess the stakes are higher in grad school. The expectations for scholarly excellence higher.

I have to approach it with a consistent effort of running a marathon, not a sprint race.

And really examine why I want the high grades. Is it a matter of pride? Had I gotten proud of my academic achievements and rested on my laurels without bettering myself from a time management and work ethic point of view?

I had worked hard, but now was the time to not only work hard but also smart as well.

Also, to accept with humility what God ordains for me to receive grade-wise.

God bless,


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My Revit Courses at Humber

I did very well in my Revit BIM courses at Humber College in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. I got a 98% in the Introduction Course, 97% in the Intermediate Course and 100% in the Advanced Course. I am not out of the woods yet since I have to take the Autodesk Certification exam. To Jesus Christ be the glory. It is truly God's favour that has allowed me to score so high. Please continue to pray for me regarding preparations for the exam. Special thanks go to my notetakers: PS, SL and AW who helped me. And a special thanks to my professor, ZK, who showed mercy in the grading schemes.

I attended my new accepted student orientation today at Tyndale University College and Seminary in North York, Ontario, Canada. I got a chance to meet with faculty and students. It was a good time. I will be starting my Masters of Divinity studies in Spiritual Formation in 1 week. Please pray for God to prepare my heart, mind, body and soul for the experience. There is a retreat for one of my courses that is mandatory. I plan to pray and meditate on God's grace, mercy and provision.

I want to take a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate exam. It is important for me to take this in order to show my commitment to sustainability in the Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) profession.

I am trying for the Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged essay writing competition. I am approaching it from the perspective of a Christian apologist witnessing to Objectivist/Atheist non-believers. I hope to do a good job but my initial draft is a bit disjointed. Please pray that I would have an over-riding cohesive vision and thesis for my paper.

I am also partnering with RG for the 2014 Evolo Skyscraper Design Competition.

My 4 projects are still ongoing. I have set them aside in the interim.

I have an audit to attend to. Please, please pray that I would have a favourable outcome.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Overcoming Discouragement

The recruiter did not reply to my email inquiry or telephone call for a follow up. Maybe I will just leave it be for the moment.

I also received a letter that I did not get selected for a scholarship. My friend did get selected so I am happy for him.

I am discouraged about being able to pay the tuition for seminary. I received the OSAP package in the mail to send supporting documents but it seemed really complicated.

I have yet to register for my seminary courses.

There is a BBQ tomorrow for accepted students at Tyndale seminary. I signed up but I have not gone to sleep yet.

I have been reading a book by Joel Osteen and watching his sermons online as well as sermons by his father, John Osteen, David Jeremiah and Charles Stanley. I even watched a bit of Joyce Meyer. I like all of them.

The old 70's sermon by John Osteen was about overcoming discouragement. He mentioned about a palm tree that was able to withstand a hurricane because it can be blown over and still remain rooted in the ground. When the wind stops blowing, the palm rights itself back to the vertical position again.

The bamboo is China's symbol of weathering adversity as well because it can bend with a force and not break.

How to be like a palm tree? How to be like a bamboo?

By attaching oneself like a branch to the vine which is Jesus and bearing much (spiritual) fruit.

Jesus pushed through his tribulations despite adversity and discouragement. He was betrayed, denied and falsely accused. However, he persevered. He was given his greatest test which was the cross and he passed it and was raised back to life from the dead by God.

If you are experiencing adversity and discouragement, root yourself in the Rock of Salvation which is Jesus Christ through faithful prayer and Bible reading. Talk with a pastor, Christian counsellor, elder or mentor and get wisdom about the situation you are in by gleaning from them.

God bless you and keep you.