Saturday, 22 June 2013

Overcoming Discouragement

The recruiter did not reply to my email inquiry or telephone call for a follow up. Maybe I will just leave it be for the moment.

I also received a letter that I did not get selected for a scholarship. My friend did get selected so I am happy for him.

I am discouraged about being able to pay the tuition for seminary. I received the OSAP package in the mail to send supporting documents but it seemed really complicated.

I have yet to register for my seminary courses.

There is a BBQ tomorrow for accepted students at Tyndale seminary. I signed up but I have not gone to sleep yet.

I have been reading a book by Joel Osteen and watching his sermons online as well as sermons by his father, John Osteen, David Jeremiah and Charles Stanley. I even watched a bit of Joyce Meyer. I like all of them.

The old 70's sermon by John Osteen was about overcoming discouragement. He mentioned about a palm tree that was able to withstand a hurricane because it can be blown over and still remain rooted in the ground. When the wind stops blowing, the palm rights itself back to the vertical position again.

The bamboo is China's symbol of weathering adversity as well because it can bend with a force and not break.

How to be like a palm tree? How to be like a bamboo?

By attaching oneself like a branch to the vine which is Jesus and bearing much (spiritual) fruit.

Jesus pushed through his tribulations despite adversity and discouragement. He was betrayed, denied and falsely accused. However, he persevered. He was given his greatest test which was the cross and he passed it and was raised back to life from the dead by God.

If you are experiencing adversity and discouragement, root yourself in the Rock of Salvation which is Jesus Christ through faithful prayer and Bible reading. Talk with a pastor, Christian counsellor, elder or mentor and get wisdom about the situation you are in by gleaning from them.

God bless you and keep you.


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