Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Victory

I got accepted into Tyndale Seminary and University's Master of Divinity program. I have yet to declare a major. Hallellujah!

On another bright side, the Montreal female architect decided to have me help her out with doing shipping container drawings. I guess she changed her mind.

As far as the church plant project goes, I decided to bite the bullet and do the measurements of the commercial building basement space for them. I am going to do a Revit BIM model of the existing space and maybe when the interior designer has something, I can add her design to the model.

The ESL Bible study pastor and I went to the Land Registry office in downtown Toronto in order to hunt for a reference plan/survey of his home. He wanted a sample so that he knew what to get for prospective properties/sites for locating the Christian cafe. I really want a survey before I begin any design work on the project but I might have to do some marketing materials for fund-raising.

I missed the 2nd Revit exam for the Intermediate course due to a dental emergency. It is still being resolved but I no longer experience any pain.

I really hope that I qualify for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) for Fall when I study at Tyndale.

I am also applying to architectural firms right now.

God bless,


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