Monday, 1 April 2013

A mixed blessing . . .

I went to a job interview at a nice friend's Toronto interior architecture firm today. It went well. We caught up and discussed what projects were going on in the office. I mentioned about the 2 freelance projects I was working on (church plant and coffee shop).

I got the job.

It's casual part-time. He doesn't have anything at the moment but as work comes in, he will get me involved. I hope and pray to get some badly needed site experience and to take the pressure off my parents financially to help me. I am going to have to work and/or get student loans in order to pay for tuition for school(s). If I still have cash left over, I will give it to my girlfriend to help her out. She resigned from one of her food service jobs. She still has one job left. She's hopefully going to apply to some hospitals for some clerical work and get her foot in the door for a nursing job when she graduates from her college course. She will probably get paid better for the clerical hospital job then what she is currently making. And when she becomes a registered practical nurse  . . . well then!

The Montreal architect is consulting legal to determine if it is illegal for her to ask me to do work and not pay me for 6 months. I hope it is alright. I would like to work with her. She's struggling with a risky business venture of doing shipping container homes. But she's cast her net wide in terms of target market so something should hopefully pan out for all her efforts and risk-taking. I would like to help her if I can in whatever humble means possible. Even if it is only drafting working drawings and developing construction details. Truth is, I think she's nice and I want to make the trip out to Montreal to meet with her pay dividends. I did have to pay for a parking ticket and replace my alternator of my car when I got back to Toronto. Good thing I had CAA roadside assistance. My car broke down at my girlfriend's place. I had to get it towed to Canadian Tire.

Pray for me . .. I have a Revit exam on Thursday.

Good night.

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