Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Not sure what to do . . .

I am in a dilemma. My boss hired another employee to work for him. My hours at the small practice have been scaled back partly due to this and partly of my own volition that I have to dedicate more time to my church friend client's cottage project. On the good side is that the project is now a 3 storey cottage holiday home and is going to be much larger (after 4 re-designs) than anticipated. The client increased the budget as well. I also got paid more than I thought I would be receiving for the design, permit drawings and site supervision aspects of the project. We are going to enter into a contract which is Biblical. On a different note, this client and our female friend who was going to be the recipient of his organ donation were not a match. Please pray for her. I will continue to do this project. Looking at entering possible design competitions like Spark. Not sure about it though. Looking to potentially get a full-time job with a firm through a former classmate of mine who works there. Also potentially looking into a teaching position at a local community college. Potentially looking at going to California for a 1 month internship with an architect whose work I admire, Dr. Eugene Tssui of TDR Inc.

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