Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Things are looking up . . . an update on the last 2 months. Merry Xmas and Happy New Yr.


I was hired a month ago by a Chinese Canadian architect (CCA). He is 1 year older than me and has a start-up firm that specializes in residential and retail design. Basically, it's just him and me and the office is a 20-30 minute jaunt up the highway 404 in Toronto by highway 7. I modeled 2 things since I was hired: an eco-village mixed use development (using Sketch-Up 8) and a cellphone kiosk for a shopping mall (using AutoCAD 2009).

It gets better. My friend from church and former co-worker hired me to do architectural drawings of the 2nd floor addition to his cottage, an investment property. It is situated north of Barrie. The project will be underway in January 2012. It's an exciting time for me. My hero. He is also, incidentally donating one of his kidneys to a female church friend of ours who is experiencing health concerns. Please pray for her. And for him.

Well, looking forward to my birthday which is this Saturday. Also looking forward to Christmas which is the day after. I've invited some Bible-study group friends over for dinner o the 25th. There will be 5 of us including my girlfriend. I've got presents for everyone. Will cook a turkey the day before and reheat the day of the party. Not sure if it is wise. I just have to remember to remove the stuffing from inside the turkey to a glass dish container so that it doesn't spoil.

Well, postponing applying to grad school until Fall of 2013. It gives me time to work on the cottage project and save up some money for tuition. I figure Ontario Student Assistance Program will cover the bulk of it.

Next on the agenda: how to negotiate for fair fees for architectural work rendered.

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