Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Things are getting interesting . . .

On Monday, I spoke with the Landscape Architect who is in charge of the design department and he thinks that if I obtain my Licensed Technologist OAA stamp, that I could stamp their cabana drawings. This would translate into a promotion and pay increase (hopefully). Not sure if I am up for it but maybe I can try this as a foray into licensure as an Architect.

I registered for a Ontario Building Code Part 9 Structures course at Humber College. It is close to work although with the course being on Saturday and Sunday, I will have to purposely make a trip to Toronto's West End in order to go to class. My girlfriend says that I should not take the course and to prioritize God first (because I won't be able to go to Church). But it's only for 2 Sundays and I'll be back into the fold again. Hope that God can forgive me. Who knows, maybe the Lord will work in His ways to make me able to go to Church.

Right now, I am pursing a 2-fold path: I am going to take all the courses needed to get a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) but I am also going to pursue Licensure as a Technologist with the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) and the Ontario Association of Applied Architectural Sciences (OAAAS).

I asked my former boss about the difference between the two designations and he wasn't aware of the Technologist designation. However, he emphasized to ask the OAA because they know everything.

The Technologist stamp is octagonal. The Architect's stamp is round/circular. The BCIN stamp is rectangular. The Engineer's stamp is circular.

The only drawback is I would have to return the stamp upon completing a term of employment with my present employer. Not sure what I would do if I wanted to practice as a sole proprietor.

Have to carry indemnity insurance once licensed. It's offered through the OAA's insurance company policy contact.

Still looking into schools for the Masters of Architecture program. New School of Architecture and Design in San Diego is attractive. So are University of Toronto, Ryerson U and Carleton U. Want to inquire more about Laurentian U's program that will become available in 2015. Still too early for that. The Dean of the new architecture program is a former Dalhousie prof of mine.

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