Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Undisclosed Arts Organization 2 Studio Space Result

Well, I visited the Undisclosed Arts Organization 2 Studio Space and it was small. Really just a desk that one books for 1 day a week. I guess you get what you pay for. The Studio and Exhibition room is nice though although a bit crowded. So much for dreaming of building large scale architectural models. I will have to satisfy myself with 2D renderings. Art supplies are free and each member gets a discount card for Midoco, Curry's and another art supply store.

I also got a call as I was driving about a possible job lead with an architectural firm. They recently hired someone but they still want me to send over my resume. Will have to wait and see about what results of the efforts of me and my job agency yield.

My antiquated Razor flip-phone died and I bit the bullet and got a Samsung Galaxy S II Android phone. Wonder if I can blog from it. The hideaway touch screen keyboard is kind of small. I was watching my Youtube guardhouse animation on the smartphone and it looked pixellated. Hmmmm.

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